Most of my painting is carried out on-site in my bush environment. Often my equipment requirements vary with each job, as can be seen below in the easels.

Plastic Pipe Easel
Light to carry with
tennis elbow.
Good Light !
Big Easel and
Shade on 36 deg summer day.
When painting outside of the studio the variable conditions definitely effect my approach to the project. If the temperature is 37 degrees C - hence "big easel", or only 14 - hence "big jacket"(not shown), or I may need to walk some distance , or am able to sit in my van. On the subject of vans, I have owned three and they have been invaluable in my work.The second one I used also as a family vehicle - that was the Toyota Lite-ace 8 seater which I bought brand new when our third child was born in 1985. It`s now parked unregistered in our carport. My first van, a Mazda Bongo Van, I also bought brand new before I was married. My wife would use it occasionally (we had a second car as well). I don`t own the Mazda any more. My third is a Mitsubishi Delica.

With Toyota Lite-ace
amongst the lignum.
I sat on the log
over the water
to paint the Murray.
Lite-ace again
in the Mallee.
on site.
Me in 1972
with my Mazda Bongo van.
Mitsubishi Delica
collecting a sculpture piece.
For various reasons each new van was bigger than its predecessor.Two of the above painting sites are about 4kms from my house and the other about 15 kms. I am very fortunate to have excellent and diverse subject matter nearby. But an artist will always be able to find something to paint.
I spend a fair bit of time working on paintings in my studio/gallery.Shown here are a few works in progress.You can click on them to see a larger view.

OCTOBER 2010. I had a desire to paint an object where I could test my ability to show volume.These dead Redgum trunks have great appeal and certainly take up a lot of space.Some were ringbarked while others died by other means. I made 8 small studies and my second larger (1220mmx915mm) effort is in progress.

NOVEMBER 2010. It is now well into this month and I have continued with my ringbarked redgum theme. You will see in the photo the three paintings so far. The rain we have had recently has made it difficult to get on-site with the grey clay tracks being made impassable. Yesterday , the 20th., and today, I have been able to get in to do more work with clear skies and temps over 30 degrees C.
I have been asked to show some works in a Christmas exhibition to be held at the Artback Gallery in Wentworth so I am busy completing paintings and making frames. This a group show at a superb venue.

AUGUST 2011. The Artback Gallery show is over but I still have a very nice gum tree painting there. My entry into The Waterhouse natural history Art Prize was accepted as a finalist and judged as a highly commended work. It will tour to the National Archives in Canberra and be exhibited with other selected works after the completion of the show at the South Australian Museum. I am currently finishing my entries for the Fleurieu Art Prize and the Heysen Prize.

FEB 2015. Where have I been? I'm still here and working hard----of course!!